Cincy Photo Walk 2: OTR

July 28, 2012

For this Photo Walk we are going to check out OTR. If you have not been there in a while, you have not been there. We will start at SCPA at the corner of Central and Race, walk around the new Washington Park, across to the new developments on Vine, across to Main, and do a quick loop through Orchard Street, Sycamore, past the old SCPA and end up at Mayberry’s on Vine.

Transit and parking info: There is a fair amount of street parking, though be aware that meters are active on Saturday. There are a number of lots on Central. The one on the north side of Central at Main would be a good place for a short walk at the end. There is also the brand-new parking lot under Washington Park that is right where we start, and short walk from finish. Only $3.

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