Cincy Photo Walk 9: Oakley

Jul 12, 2014, 9:00:00 AM

See the notes for more details, including the route. We are going to start in the parking lot neat Maribelle’s, complete the loop, and use that restaurant as the wrap up location. I have not been there since they relocated, but remember liking it when they were on Kellogg.

Also, notice the date change, due to the Hyde Park Blast.


Cincy Photo Walk 8: Walk the Streetcar Route

We are going to meet at SCPA on the corner of Central an Race and walk the future Cincinnati Streetcar route. We will walk up Elm past Findlay, back down Race to Central, then over to Walnut, down to the banks, back up Main to 12th, and back to the start.This is the longest walk we have attempted at just over 3 miles. Feel free to come and abandon us after the OTR loop (we will pass right by the start again half way through. You can see the route here:

Transit and parking info:There is easy parking at Washington Park. The garage is under the park, and a block north of the start of the walk.

Sign up for the event on Google +.

Here is a shot I took from the North loop this Saturday:



Cincinnati Photo Walk 7: Newport

Sep 28, 2013 5:30 pm

For this Photo Walk we are leaving the City borders behind, and doing our first evening walk. We are going to start at Newport on the Levee. They are having a Taste of the Levee there, and also the Newport Oktoberfest. We are staring there, but taking a walk up Monmouth, taking in the Freedom Bell as well as a number of restaurants and old facades, returning down Washington and returning to the Levee to take in the view of the city at sunset. We are also breaking tradition (is it really tradition after only 6 events) and not choosing a restaurant to end at. After all, you have the Taste of the Levee, and Oktoberfest to choose from.

Transit and parking info: There is a lot of parking in the area. You can choose the garage at the Levee or a number of surface lots.


G+ 2 Year Anniversary Photo Walk / Cincy Photo Walk 6

This is the event that started everything last year. Thought we would do Eden Park this time out. This was a suggestion from Corryville walk. Start in the little park outside of the entrance. We usually call it the Romulus and Remus park since it has a statue of that story. Has a great overlook and convenient parking.

If folks want to grab lunch afterwards, we can go just down the rode to the Walnut Hills Skyline.

If you are on Google + be sure to follow Cincy Photo Walk to learn about new events. Also, you can join the event on G+ which will allow you to easily share photos during and after the event.


Cincy Photo Walk 5: Corryville

April 27th, 2013

For this Photo Walk, I thought we could go to Corryville. The route I picked includes a little time on the eastern edge of the UC campus.

Short Vine is seeing a lot of change and there are some pretty cool sites on campus. The walk has a lot of old buildings, new buildings and construction to offer.

There is a lot of street parking, and we will all meet at the corner of Corry and Glendora ave in the lot that has Walgreens. Parking in that lot is not recommended, they tend to be pretty experienced in identifying and towing non-customers.

The route will start by walking to Old St George. It is a a cool old building that will hopefully get renovated. We will continue around the Corryville Catholic School onto campus between near the baseball stadium, the Shoe and past some new construction dorms. We will be near the rec center and have good views of the East side of campus and the commons. Next we will get on to Short Vine at University, continue to the edge of the Mediacal campus, come back up Eden until we return to Short Vine next to the Public Library, a very nice building. Then continue down Short Vine to where we started.

As always, this is a public event, invite anyone and everyone. The meeting place after the walk is will be Cafe de Wheels Base Camp in the Dive Bar. I reviewed Cafe de Wheels a few years ago, and am still hooked:

Here is the menu:!food_menu/cl69


Cincy Photo Walk 4: Spring Grove Cemetery

This Saturday, October 27th at 8:00 am we are holding the fourth Cincy Photo Walk at Spring Grove Cemetery. I thought this would be a n appropriate location for a Photo Walk on the weekend before Halloween. We are also starting an hour earlier than others to take advantage of sunrise and the early morning light.

If you have never been, it is an incredible spot to walk, and offers a number of different photo opportunities. You can find more details at

There is parking near the Historic Office. Use the Eastern-most entrance. Keep in mind that the gates do not open until 8:00 am.

As always, this is a public event, invite anyone and everyone. The meeting place after the walk is yet to be determined. Suggestions are welcome. We usually meet at a restaurant. So far we have met at Arnold’s Bar & Grill, Mayberry’s, and the Morlein Lager House. They all had the luxury of being near the end of the walk.

If you are on Google + be sure to follow Cincy Photo Walk to learn about new events. Also, you can join the event on G+ which will allow you to easily share photos during and after the event.


Cincy Photo Walk 3: Downtown

Sep 29, 2012, 9:00:00 AM

Start art 9:00 AM end around noon

Due to the Komen 5/10k starting at GABP, the meeting place has changed to the Duke Energy Building at 4th and Main. Also, be aware many streets south of 2md will be closed for the race.

Start at Duke Energy Building 4th and Main, end at the Moerlein Lager House

Some key highlights


– The Atrium

– Great American Tower

– Christ Church Cathedral

– Lytle Park (this whole area is pretty cool)

– Sawyer Point

– Bicentennial Commons

– Montgomery Inn Boathouse

– Yeatman’s Cove

– The Banks

– Morlein Lager House

Oh yeah, and there is a river nearby.


Cincy Photo Walk 2: OTR

July 28, 2012

For this Photo Walk we are going to check out OTR. If you have not been there in a while, you have not been there. We will start at SCPA at the corner of Central and Race, walk around the new Washington Park, across to the new developments on Vine, across to Main, and do a quick loop through Orchard Street, Sycamore, past the old SCPA and end up at Mayberry’s on Vine.

Transit and parking info: There is a fair amount of street parking, though be aware that meters are active on Saturday. There are a number of lots on Central. The one on the north side of Central at Main would be a good place for a short walk at the end. There is also the brand-new parking lot under Washington Park that is right where we start, and short walk from finish. Only $3.


Cincy Photo Walk: Google + Anniversary

This was the first walk on June 30, 2012. It was downtown and included Fountain Square, Carew Tower, Convention Center and over through Piatt Park and finished at Arnold’s Bar and Grill.

Right now, all the action is over on the Google + page. Go there for details on the June 30th Photo Walk.